Christmas Road Trip [Travel Photography]

I don't usually celebrate Christmas. Actually I haven't bought anyone a Christmas gift in something like 8 years. It's just not usually my thing but this year I was feeling a little festive. I had a bumping December and really needed to see my family and best friend. So I jumped in the car with my dog Kashmir and drove to Little Rock, AR. The best part is I only told one person I was coming. Instead of telling everyone and creating this big flurry of craziness, I tricked my entire family into telling me their individual plans for Christmas. Then one by one I showed up and surprised everyone for Christmas. It was so much fun and I 'got' almost everyone. I've only had the chance to make this cross-country drive a few times. I love road trips and doing them alone is so great because I can stop whenever I want and spend time taking photos. I only stopped a couple of times on the way out but on the way back I spent an hour of so at a ghost town in New Mexico. Then I waited for sunrise in the Painted Desert. I also went to the Grand Canyon but I have nothing to show here because it was totally snowed out with zero visibility. Actually I almost got stuck several time trying to drive back out of the park. Luckily a very nice Navajo man followed me through the park to make sure I made it out. As it turns out the Fit is not fit for off-roading or snowed in conditions.

I accidentally watermarked these 2007 and didn't want to go back and export them again. They were taken December 2009. Enjoy!

Travel Photography: Along the highway in CA

Travel Photography: Still in CA

Travel Photography: Sunrise in New Mexico

Travel Photography: I took a little nap on the side of
the road in NM and this bird tortured me with its
squawking until I finally gave up and drove away.

Travel Photography: Kashmir and I stopped for a much needed hike in Tucumcari, NM
The wind was so harsh I had to buy that hat to wear inside my car because it was blowing
through the door jam.

Travel Photography: Giant cross in Groom, TX.

Travel Photography: Ghost Town Church in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Outhouse in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: There were so many abandoned houses
in the Ghost Town of Cuervo, NM. You know me, of course
I'm going to go inside.

Travel Photography: Cuervo, NM Ghost Town

Travel Photography: Old Truck in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Broken Window in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Sunrise in AZ Painted Desert

Travel Photography: Where I laid for at least 30 minutes
waiting for the sunrise.

Travel Photography: Navajo bead shops on the way to the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: Small Canyon on the way to the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: On the AZ/CA border

Travel Photography: Rock formations in AZ just outside CA

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