Nikon D700

Some equipment is convenient, some is necessary but sometimes something comes along that changes the life of a photographer. Last year it was Lightroom and this year it's the Nikon D700. I've had this camera for a few months and it has completely redefined my shooting style. This camera truly is amazing! I can shoot in lighting situation I never would have considered. I crank up the ISO to 6400 in low light and it actually looks like film grain instead of camera noise. I can't wait to see how much money I save on batteries because I find myself turning the flash off at weddings to capture the ambient light. Let's just say I'm in love! The only downside is kind of an upside, the full frame sensor is too large for a digital lens. Luckily I only own two digital lenses, my 18-135mm and fisheye. When I use the 18-135 at 18mm and turn the digital crop off it looks like a circular fisheye. So it's actually a cool effect. Here are two of the first group of images I shot after taking the camera out of the box.

The Mostly Beautiful Puppy, Kashmir (Testing it out at ISO 6400)

Self Portrait using the 18-135mm, Full Frame

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