Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery [San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obispo Photography]

I recently noticed that a friend of mine has a Facebook friend with the exact same first, middle and last name. I thought "That's funny. I wonder if anyone else has the exact same name as me?"

So I typed April Marie Wise in the search bar and one result came up. Next I noticed she is also from AR and has a photography website. Now I'm interested, so I click over to her website. There were a few portraits and some basic landscapes but it said last updated 2006. Clicking back over to her facebook I decided to check out her photos (I know I update my facebook more than my website.)

To my surprise when I clicked into the 2nd page of the album titled "My Photography" I found 11 photographs copied from my business website. She even went as far as making up fake names for the people in some of the photos. I found this extremely infuriating!

I have reported this to Facebook and the photos should be removed. However, I think this should be publicly noted. I don't want an inexperienced person using my images to get photography jobs.

The imposters website is

April Wise Photography

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Anonymous said...

She stole a pic of me from '03 and posted it as her own from her '09 collection. I friend requested her so I can call her out on her wall as soon as facebook takes care of business and shes all 'so do I know you or something?' Maybe you should pay better attention of the pics you try to play off as your own.