Tips For An Awesome Engagement Session [San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

With the wedding planning season in full swing I have found that almost everyone has the same questions about engagement session. I want to post some quick tips to ease the stress and make your engagement session fun.

Location: Choose a location that is meaningful and/or visually appealing to you. I will be happy to make suggestions but ultimately it is up to you. It is best if you think about what describes you as a couple. I recently had a session at a beach where the couple enjoy a wonderful day early in their relationship.

Clothing: Clothing should be something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Busy patterns or tight strips because they can be distracting in photos. Bring a change of clothes, there should be plenty of time to change.

Relax: Engagement sessions are set up as 2 hour shoots. Usually the first 30 minutes to hour you are getting used to being in front of the camera. These sessions can be very intimate and most couples are not used to being photographed while kissing or showing affection. Just try to relax into the process and know that this is very common. Remember, if you don't like an image we can always delete it and shoot another one.

Prepare: Spend some time looking at other engagement portraits. I have quite a few available on both my website and Facebook page. However I also recommend looking as many options as you can, this way you have a solid idea of what you like and dislike before we start shooting.

Have Fun: Probably the most important advice I can give. If you are having a good time the photos will show it.

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