Central Coast Songwriters Showcase 03/09/10 [San Luis Obispo Music Photography]

I love music! Almost every kind...rock, punk, reggea, folk, americana, jazz, rap, electronica, pop, country, blues. You name it and I can probably think of at least one song, musician or band I like from that genre. I listen to whatever suits my mood at the time. And I love musicians. Some of my best friends are amazing musicians. Who else would openly admit that I can make a full band with my ex-boyfriends? AND! It would be a pretty f@#$(%! awesome band. Even my brother is a working, touring musician. Unfortunately he got ALL of the musical talent in our family. Not that I'm complaining, I would never trade my camera for a guitar.

So...this rambling is going somewhere...when Casey McDonald asked me to photograph the Songwriters Showcase at The Clubhouse on Tuesday nights, well, how could I say no? I mean Hello! I get to combine two of my favorite things, music and photography, into a 3 hour event. No brainer! And I must say, the musicians this week did not disappoint. The line up was Matt Hattfield, Ricky Montijo, Bert Lev, Andrew Spearman Blake, Joe Koenig (featured), Indigo Out (Deborah Sykes and Jonathan Eister), and Michael Masterson. A full range of folk, rock, soul, bluegrass and jazz influences.

When I am photog'n I usually have to mentally block out all other distractions. I can almost never remember which songs were played at a wedding or the smell from candles etc. This time I did make a point to take breaks and listen to at least one song from each set. Everyone did an amazing job. This was my first chance to see Joe Koenig play and his "Texas-Soul" definitely did not disappoint. Chris Dennis' joined him on the box drum for a few song..very cool instrument. I was amazed to hear how much Bert Lev's voice sounds like John Denver. But I must admit my favorite of the night was Andrew Spearman Blake. John Turner joined him on the Cello which was a great compliment to Andrew's voice and acoustic style. I'm not a music critic, so I won't spend the next paragraph making comparisons and breaking down every aspect of a great song. I really have no technical knowledge but I know what I like. If you are interested in hearing any of the performers check them out for yourself. I linked the ones I could find. Also join us next Tuesday at The Clubhouse on Foothill! Here's a link to the Facebook Group for Central Coast Songwriters.

Ok enough of that and on to the goods...my favorites images from the night are below.

Musician and Showcase Leader, Casey McDonald

Musician, Ricky Montijo

Songwriter, Burt Lev

Musician, Andrew Spearman Blake

Andrew and John Turner on the Cello

Musician, Joe Koenig

Joe with Chris Dennis on the Box Drum

Music Duo, Indigo Out - Deb and John

Songwriter, Michael Masterson

Casey wrapping up the night

Photographer, Me and Songwriter Casey goofing off with the Fisheye

If you would like to see more of my favorites visit Facebook. Also the complete set from the night is available here. The next show is tomorrow night with Calloway Dreams, David Rousseve, Michael Annuzi (Avanti), Alex Davidson, Andrew Bettancourt and more...starts at 6:30.

-April Wise Photography

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