August 3rd - Ladies Night at the Clubhouse [Music Photography]

My career as a music photographer all started when I started shooting Tuesday nights at the Clubhouse. August 3rd was my last night shooting there before I moved to San Francisco. It was a lot of fun. Casey put on a showcase of only women including favorite CCSW frequenters Natalie Haskins and Erin Teran and a banjo wielding newcomer Erin Inglish. Natalie Haskins finally got to play a night when I was shooting. And she played my favorite of her songs Where I'm Going...I love the story behind this song. She wrote it sitting on the toilet in here studio apartment in Needles because it was the only seat in the house. Erin Inglish is a bluegrass angel. If love banjos and bluegrass you should definitely see her. She's a little under the radar but if you look you will find her playing a few shows around town.

See more photos from this show by April Wise Photography.

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