Nikki & Matt [Carmel Valley Wedding Photography]

Nikki is also originally from Arkansas, when we were meeting and she found out I was from Little Rock she said "This is fate." Nikki and Matt's, Rancho Cañada wedding was nothing short of Fabulous, as she promised in a note on my contract. Tiffany Fields did a wonderful job on the flowers and Officiant Heather Swallow's ceremony was beautiful.

Photograph of Bride and Groom After the Ceremony

Photograph of Tables at Rancho Cañada

Photograph of Cake by Layers

Wedding Photography of Bouquets by Tiffany Fields

Photograph of Bride Getting into Dress

Photograph of Nikki's Brother in Law Jeff Coleman Playing Guitar

Photograph of Groom Waiting for Bride

Photograph of Father and Daughter During Ceremony

Wedding Photography Behind Officiant

Wedding Photography of Ring Ceremony

Photography of Bride and Groom's First Kiss

Photograph of Bride and Groom's Shoes

Wedding Photography of Bridal Party

Portrait of Bride and Groom Behind Gate

Portrait of Bride and Groom on Grass

Photograph of Bride and Groom's First Dance

End of Night Portrait Session with Bride and Groom

Photograph of Bride Dancing with Bridesmaids

Photograph of Wedding DJ

Photograph of Fortune Cookie Wedding Favor

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