Photography School [Dallas Art Photography]

I finally had the opportunity to pull a few images from my photography classes in Dallas back in 2001 and 2002. This are all black and white film images scanned from the negative, so forgive the quality. I guess my love for contrast started pretty early. There are a mix of abstract images with natural light and studio images with controlled lighting.

Abstract Photography: Stairs with shadow

Abstract Photography: This was actually a tucked away corner
of a church down the street from my house.

Abstract Photography: I drove past this image everyday
for a few weeks before I jumped out with my camera and grabbed it.

Abstract Photography: This image and the next image are part of a diptic.

Abstract Photography: This image goes next to the one above creating a pattern.
They are shot from underneath a metal staircase.

Fashion Photography: This was one of my first attempts at studio lighting.

Studio Lighting: We had to create a studio on a shoestring
budget. This was shot in my kitchen using a posterboard backdrop and
hot lights. I didn't do a great job with the reflections but hey that's
my hand so I was shooting one handed. No fish were harmed.

Human Abstract: An experiment with multiple exposures in studio.

Human Abstract: I noticed this awesome light in my living room
one morning so I set up my tripod and jumped in front of
the camera for a quick self portrait. This turned out to be
one of my favorite shots from my entire school portfolio.

Figure Study: This was from my very first semester.

Art Photography: My boyfriend at the time worked in
a building that housed old movie sets. This was discovered
while exploring late one night. Shhhh! We weren't supposed to be there.

Art Photography: I took this image on one of my last days in
Dallas. There was a polling place down the street from my house
and the sight of all these political signs was insane.
There were even more signs than you can see.

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