Yosemite Again! [Travel Photography]

I had the opportunity to visit Yosemite again this year. My friend who I went with last year is now working in the park, so I was able to stay in his employee cabin. It was a much different experience than last time because I was in the park the entire time. I did a lot more hiking and a lot less photography this year. Overall I only took a few images that I really liked. The lighting wasn't that great and I just wasn't inspired this time around. We took a motorcycle ride up to Glacier Point but it was raining and gross. On the way back into the park the rain stopped and I was able to take a great image from the park entrance.

On my last day as I was leaving I decided to visit the giant redwoods in the Seqouia Forest. Again the lighting wasn't really that spectacular but I did have a nice hike and took a few interesting images. My favorite from that day was of a giant sequoia cone.

Travel Photography: Yosemite

Travel Photography: Giant Sequoia Cone

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