Barbara & Michael [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

One of my goal when I became a photographer was to give couples who have restricted budgets a chance to have great wedding photography. There are days that make it all worth it to be a less expensive wedding photographer. One of those days was Barbara and Michael's wedding. This couple was referred to me by Brian Owens. They came to him wanting video but said they couldn't afford photography. Their plan was to take stills from the video to make an album (cringe-video quality is not meant for print.) Brian convinced them that they could have both. Their wedding was very relaxed and really quite fun to shoot. Here are some of my favorites images from the day:

Barbara's Mother's Veil

Final Touches

Barbara's Shoes

Laughing about Michael's premature kiss

Now you may kiss the bride

Portrait of the couple with an old photo effect applied

On left me shooting image on right

Throwing the Bouquet

April Wise Photography

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Shannon Moore said...

I really like that shoe shot ;) Great job April!