Joe Koenig's House Concert [San Luis Obispo Music Photography]

Oh man what a crazy week. I have seriously been in my house all week catching up on the paying work. Luckily my new friends Ashley and Andrew got me out of the house last night to go to Joe Koenig's first show on his "Southwest At Your House" tour.

I must admit when I first heard about this tour a month or so ago I though, "What? So he's going to play in people's houses? Hmm..." Guess who can admit when there wrong. It was pretty darn awesome. First off, the house was beautiful with a spectacular view of Bishops Peak! The people hosting the show were warm, friend and seriously talented artists. Also the dog was pretty great.

Mostly though, it was nice to be in a more intimate setting during a show. I did feel a little more awkward and obtrusive taking photos. BUT the lack of drunk a-holes, who don't care about the music, bumping into me and my camera totally made up for my mild discomfort. So it looks like he will be doing these show in CA, AZ, NM, TX,CO, UT and NV through the end of May...more info here if you are interested in attending or host an event.

For those of you who haven't heard Joe, I highly suggest you check him out. He has this great Texas accent which he totally uses it to his advantage. Each of his songs is perfectly written for his voice with every break and emphasis playing into his sound. Joe's wife Chi-Chi (Bianca) and Chris Dennison joined him on the fiddle and box drum, respectively. I've probably said this before but I love those little drums...they just make me happy for some reason. And they look pretty darn cool in photos. I've seen a few people play them recently and Chris is one of, if not the, best I've seen.

Here's the sample player to get you started. #2 is my favorite. Coincidentally, this blog post has been a long time coming since I first saw Joe back in March :)

<a href="">Woman by Joe Koenig</a>

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