SLO Children's Museum [San Luis Obispo Photography]

I really want to talk about is my Photography by Children project with SLO Children's Museum. For about 2 years I've wanted to do a photography project with children. It started when my neice got her first kid's camera. I walked around the neighborhood with her taking photos of plants, road signs, bugs, whatever she could find. Then I bought a batch of disposable cameras to give away at bridal fairs. The kids at bridal fair always look so bored but when you give them a camera they get excited. One boy came back to my booth 3 times for another camera. Two weeks ago I decided to take the leap on this project. I started researching cameras kids can use, writing a plan and I emailed the SLO Children's Museum about helping me recruit participants. Michelle at the museum emailed me back very quickly and said she loved the idea. I met with her and we discuss just doing it through the museum in conjunction with their summer program Dig In. So now I'm working on finding some funding to pay for cameras, prints and website hosting for the project. It's all very exciting! I've decided that all the donations for the music photography I do will go to this project, so keep donating people. Now it's going to a better cause than just feeding me ;) I'll be updating everyone when the project starts.

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Laura Rachel Fox said...

Great news about the Photography for Children project. Kids really do light up when you put a camera in their hands. I recently started handing James our digital when we go on our morning walks. I'm amazed at the shots he captures. You can see them on my facebook photos:

Absolutely love the wedding/engagement photos. The feet shot of the dancing is amazing. I also like the sunlight shining through the kissing couple. Where were you when I got married 12 years ago????? Guess we can always get you for the reup (planning for the 20th Anniversary).