SLO Down Pub with Andrew Spearman Blake [San Luis Obispo Music Photography]

Photography of Andrew Spearman Blake with John Turner and Rocky Logue

Here I am, fresh off yesterday's Andrew Spearman Blake show and I thought this would be the perfect time to blog about music photography. Lately I've been doing a ton of photography at live shows. So I wanted to blog more about the musicians I meet, the songs I love and the amazing photography opportunities I encounter.

Ok so it's probably a little unfair that I'm writing about Andrew again since he got a strong mention in my last music blog post but it's fresh on my mind. I met Andrew at a Central Coast Songwriters Showcase, actually the first one I shot. Andrew has a magnetic personality. I can name on one hand the times I've met someone and decided almost instantly that I was going to be friends with them...Andrew is one of those people. I really connected to his music and became a fan immediately.

Black and White Photo of Andrew on Piano

Last night's show was at the SLO Down Pub in Arroyo Grande. All around it's a good venue. Asthetically it's awesome. There is great art everywhere. The lighting is OK for photography, I managed at f/2.8 and ISO 2000 sans flash. The stage is in a funny position because there are only three tables directly in front of it but several table to each side. It's kinda like the stage is in the large hallway between the bar and dining area.

Photograph of John Turner on Cello

Andrew was joined by John Turner on bass and chello and Rocky Logue on guitar and running sound. I should mention again that the chello is the perfect compliment to Andrew's voice, lyrics and playing style. I love the somberness it adds to the songs. Andrew played about 7 songs. I wish I'd taken a photo of the playlist but honestly I wasn't planning on writing this post. Also I was shooting off and on during the songs so a detailed account of his performance will not follow. Andrew stepped down from the stage to play The Fool In Me on piano. This song has become a favorite since he posted the video online.

Photograph of Andrew on Piano

One thing is certain, every song Andrew writes has a story, whether it's a girl, his travels or an experience...he is inspired by life. His words are candid and filled with longing. Lyrically he has found his edge and he is pushing it. I feel like he is on the road to finding his perfect sound, growing and learning along the way. He still shows a lot of influences and needs to completely find what make his voice original...I'd say he's at 90% though. Andrew's songs are dynamic and unbridled...he has rawness that I find appealing. Andrew's live performances have an intensity that I would imagine is difficult to capture in a recording. However, Rocky Logue did a great job in the previously mentioned video. Andrew has an amazing stage presence. He makes the best of a situation and can definitely laugh in the face of a noisy crowd. All in all, I'm a big fan and I look forward to watching him grow as a performer.

Photograph of Rocky Logue on Guitar

Andrew was followed by the Bob Lawrence Band's Debut show. I stayed for a couple of songs and took a couple of snaps. They describe themselves as "Texas music with a California twist." I can't wait to see them again soon. It was awesome to finally meet Natalie Haskins in the real world, we've been cyber friends for a few weeks now.

Photograph of Bob Lawrence Band

Close Up Photo of Bob Lawrence Band's Three Guitars

That's all for now but I should have another post up soon from tomorrow nights Central Coast Songwriter's Showcase at The Clubhouse.

-April Wise

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