July 16th - Joe Koenig with Leon Russell at Downtown Brew [Music Photography]

Joe Koenig invited me out to shoot him opening for Leon Russell. This was my first opportunity to see Joe play with his bandmate Pheobe. I gotta say it really makes a huge difference. I've really been into classic instruments lately.

I took one of my favorite photos ever of Pheobe because with her hair all puffed out she looks like Bob Dylan from the back.

 Back to the show, Joe was great. He played in front of a pretty large crowd. The show was all reserved seating so I had some good opportunities to shoot from the back and get the whole scene.

I wasn't really there to shoot Leon Russell but I snuck in a couple from way way off stage...what the heck! One of my favorite parts of the show was right after he played his last song of the set he said: This is the part where we all walk off stage, then you clap until we come back out for another song. Some of us our too old for that so we're just going to stay here and play another song. (Probably not in those exact words). It was quite funny!
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