Kathy & Matt [Santa Cruz Wedding Photography]

I also met Kathy and Matt at the Santa Cruz Bridal Fair and they booked me on that day. They are such a sweet couple. Kathy is an adorable soft spoken girl and Matt is fun and a little loud (according to the best man toast)...they totally balance each other. Their wedding was set up to be at the Pajaro Dunes beach but the gale force winds changed their plans. Instead they set up the ceremony on the deck of the reception hall. It was still a very beautiful setting. The large fluffy clouds and blue sky were a perfect background. After we found a somewhat sheltered area behind the building for portraits. Then we ventured down to the beach to see just how windy it was...VERY! Kathy's veil actually got pulled out and blown down the beach. I know they were initially disappointed that they didn't get to have the wedding on the beach but very happy with the final outcome...especially the amazing sunset.

Wedding Photography of Ceremony

Photograph of Bride during Ceremony

Photograph of Groom during Wedding Vows

Portrait of Bride and Groom on Stairs

Photograph of Bride and Groom on Beach

Photograph of First Dance

Photograph of Cupcake Cake

Congo Line Photograph Taking During Reception

Candid Photo of Cake Cutting

Sunset Portrait of Bride and Groom

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