Katie & Ravi [Monterey Wedding Photography]

Over the years I've found I have a much strong connection with the couples when we do any engagement sessions. That is why I've decided to include an engagement session with all of my weddings. Katie and Ravi were practically pros by the time we got to the wedding day portraits. We had a fun engagement session at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and beach before the ceremony giving us a great chance to get to know each other and practice. I learned a lot about them, they met in the military, they love to travel, but most of all the love to eat. Ravi said they love to cook because they love to eat, they love to travel and eat new foods, and they love to work out so they can eat more. So I knew the food at this wedding was going to be awesome LOL! (and Grapes of Wrath did not disappoint.) The ceremony was at the Carmel River State Beach. After wrapping up portraits at the beach, we hopped over to Pacific Grove for a few portraits. The reception was at the Elk's Lodge in Monterey. This was the first time I've actually gotten to shoot a Saber Ceremony and watching Ravi cut the cake with a sword was hilarious!

Portrait of Bride and Groom on Rock at Carmel River Beach

Photograph of Bride Getting Dressed

Photograph of Groom Before Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photograph of Bride Giving Her Vows

Wedding Portrait of All Wedding Guests

Wedding Portrait of Bride and Groom

Fun Photograph of Bridal Party Jumping

Wedding Photography of Saber Ceremony

Photograph of Bride and Groom's First Dance

Photograph of Cake Cutting with a Sword

One of my favorite original things about this wedding was the couple refused to kiss when people banged on their glass with a fork. Instead they made their friends and family stand up in front of the whole reception and sing a song with the word love in it if they wanted to see them kiss. It was super funny and way less annoying for the couple.

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Oh my goodness! The couple looks stunning. Their wedding photos are so inspirational for me. Actually we are also getting married soon so these ideas will keep us well prepared. You know we will have a grand royal themed party at one of best Chicago wedding venues.