Jayden's Birthday [San Luis Obispo Childrens Photography]

Last year I photographed Jayden's birthday party in Paso Robles. He had a pool party at his house with a bounce house.

Children's Photography: Baby in the Bounce House

Family Photography: Balloons

Children's Photography: Girl Jumping into the Pool

Children's Photography: Closeup of Boy

Children's Photography: Birthday Boy in Pool

Children's Photography: Opening Presents

Children's Photography: Riding His New Bike

Ally's 2nd Birthday [San Luis Obispo Family Photography]

Last year I photographed Ally's 2nd Birthday in her backyard in San Luis Obispo. She had a pool party with family friends.

Family Photography: Playing with Balloons

Family Photography: Posing for the Camera

Family Photography: Looking through the Tent Tunnel

Family Photography: Swimming with Daddy

Trucks and Tattoos [San Luis Obispo Travel Photography]

Last year I went to the car show in Paso Robles on Memorial Day weekend. It is quite a sight. The entire park between 11th and 12th Street are covered with cars and tattoo-clad patrons. All the surrounding streets are closed and their are people and classic cars everywhere. I got a few good shots playing around with my new digital camera.

Travel Photography: A pink truck

Travel Photography: Guy sitting in his black truck

Travel Photography: Elephant tattoo on a girl's back

Travel Photography: Ford F-100 emblem

Travel Photography: Good luck with that.

Travel Photography: The Paso Robles Custom Car Show

Travel Photography: Lounging around

Travel Photography: Only in California

Travel Photography: This was a total accident...I blame the wind

Travel Photography: Dant dant da Na

Travel Photography: Another Ford F-100 emblem with pin strips

Travel Photography: This truck has a lot going on

Travel Photography: Pork Chip Special Truck

Travel Photography: Hula Girl

Travel Photography: Red truck

Travel Photography: Hey Cowboy

Travel Photography: Car Show Ladies

April's Baby Shower [Ventura Family Photography]

My old coworker Kelli hired me to photograph her best friend, April's baby shower. The Baby Shower was at Kelli's parent's house in Westlake Village. It was a Hawaiian themed baby shower. Before the shower I shoot a few portrait's of April and her husband. This was my first shoot at maternity portraits.

Family Photography: Maternity Portrait

Family Photography: Maternity Portrait

Family Photography: Baby Shower Decorations

Family Photography: Baby Shower Gifts

Family Photography: Baby Shower Snacks

Family Photography: Baby Shower Cups

Family Photography: Opening Baby Shower Gifts

Family Photography: Opening Baby Shower Gifts

Family Photography: Baby Shower Cake

Siena's Baby Shower [Redlands Family Photography]

Last year Siena invited me to her baby shower. I had just recently gotten my first digital camera and wanted to try it out. The shower was at her mom's house in Mentone.

Family Photography: Mother-to-be

Family Photography: The Food Table

Family Photography: The Cheesecake Table

Family Photography: Portrait with Friends

Family Photography: A Friends Baby

Family Photography: Opening Baby Shower Gifts

Coronado Island [San Diego Travel Photography]

Last year I had to travel to San Diego for a pharmaceutical convention on Coronado Island. I took my camera to snap some photos of the convention for my work. The hotel offered great views of San Diego, the harbor and even had flamingos in the fountain out front.

Travel Photography: Flamingos

Travel Photography: Harbor in San Diego

Travel Photography: Sailboat near Coronado Island

Travel Photography: View of San Diego from Coronado

Pharmaceutical Company Headshots [Ventura Photography]

Last year, before I moved to San Luis Obispo I worked for a pharmaceutical company that sells breastmilk for premature infants. I did some headshots for them on the front lawn.

Headshot: Sales Rep

Headshot: Account Manager

Headshot: Receptionist

Headshot: Sales Rep