Beckie's Baby Shower [Little Rock Photography]

My sister is having her third baby...a boy. This time I was in town for her baby shower so I photographed it for her. We are actually step-sisters so we don't have the same parents but her two daughters are like mini's of me and Beckie when we were little trouble-makers.

Baby Shower Photography: My niece/mini-me

Baby Shower Photography: Cake

Baby Shower Photography: It's A Boy Candy

Baby Shower Photography: A Note from the Baby

Baby Shower Photography: Candles

Baby Shower Photography: My Older Niece/Beckie's Mini

Baby Shower Photography: My Sisters Grandma

Baby Shower Photography: The Girls Helping Open Gifts

Baby Shower Photography: Opening Gifts

Baby Shower Photography: Portrait with Cousin, Aunt and Grandma

Baby Shower Photography: Portrait with Her Mom

Baby Shower Photography: Grandma with the Girls

Road Trip to AR through CA, NM and AZ [Travel Photography]

My brother got married and my sister is having another baby so it was the perfect time for another cross-country road trip. Anyone who knows me know I love driving home...being home is another story. It's all about AZ and NM for me. I love the desert, it is so beautiful. This year I ended up getting sidetrack in Mojave, CA and having to take a huge detour through the high desert on the way out to AR. It was a major pain in the butt but it did take me to Littlerock...CA that is. After that I kinda made a bee-line for home because it was set back several hours. Most of these photos are from on the way back to CA. I took a couple of adventure side-trip down 2 lane highways in NM where my wonderful dog decided to eat cow poop. That made for an awesome smelling drive. I also stopped at a old Route 66 ghost town called Two Guns, AZ. It is built on top of an even older ghost town called Diablo Canyon, known for being one of the wildest and most dangerous towns in the old west. AND Diable Canyon is built on top of an Indian about some high demand real estate. After that adventure and almost getting blown into the canyon by crazy wind, I headed the Grand Canyon. As you may recall on my last road trip the Grand Canyon was completely invisible due to snow and I almost got stuck several times driving through the park. This time it was fantastic! Well see for yourself.

Travel Photography: Still in CA barely outside of San Luis Obispo. Somehow
I always find crosses along the drive home.

Travel Photography: Just a cow gate in CA

Travel Photography: This made my whole detour worth it. Litterock, CA is just
as crappy as Little Rock, AR.

Travel Photography: On the way back I stopped at a small gas station with the
best view of the continental divide.

Travel Photography: A small property in NM on the highway going
towards Window Rock.

Travel Photography: Trespassing on private property.
This is where Kashmir decided to chow on cow poop.
I was so irritated that we got back in the car and didn't
make it out to Window Rock. Next time...

Travel Photography: I spent a couple of hours at this
abandoned Route 66 stop and ghost town.

Travel Photography: 2 Guns, NM

Travel Photography: 2 Guns water tower

Travel Photography: Kashmir enjoying some time out of the car

Travel Photography: Graffiti building in 2 Guns

Travel Photography: Self Portrait

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon mining settlement

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon bridge

Travel Photography: Another Diablo Canyon building

Travel Photography: The road and an abandoned building

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon, AZ

Travel Photography: Collapsed bridge over mine in Diablo Canyon/2Guns, AZ

Travel Photography: Yes that is the crapper

Travel Photography: View of AZ sky with old building

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon, AZ

Travel Photography: I almost got blown into that canyon.
That's when I decided Kashmir should go back to the car.

Travel Photography: Diablo Canyon building

Travel Photography: Old 2 Guns gas pumps

Travel Photography: 2 guns mountain lion zoo

Travel Photography: 2 Guns Mountain Loins building. The AZ sky is always really amazing.

Travel Photography: Blocks

Travel Photography: On the road to the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: Tower in the Grand Canyon park

Travel Photography: East view of the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: A plateau just outside the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: West View of the Grand Canyon at Sunset

Travel Photography: The Grand Canyon Tower and building

Travel Photography: Grand Canyon through a rock building window

Travel Photography: Next stop, you can see the tower on the right side

Travel Photography: Sunset at the Grand Canyon, my favorite from the day

Travel Photography: Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: Grand Canyon