Marie & Christopher [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

Marie and Chris came from Arizona to get married at the San Luis Obispo Mission. Their reception was at the Madonna Inn with Mike Taylor as the DJ. They drove out a few weeks before to finish up wedding details. We had a great meeting an went over all of their favorite spots at the Mission.

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom during Ceremony Prayer

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Sitting During Ceremony

Wedding Photography: Lighting the Unity Candle

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom at Alter

Wedding Photography: Portrait of All Wedding Guests

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom in Phone Booth

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom on Bridge

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Dancing

Wedding Photography: Cake with Skeleton Topper

Wedding Photography: Wine Glasses with Skeleton Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography: Taking off the Garter

Wedding Photography: Bride Dancing with Friends

Yosemite Again! [Travel Photography]

I had the opportunity to visit Yosemite again this year. My friend who I went with last year is now working in the park, so I was able to stay in his employee cabin. It was a much different experience than last time because I was in the park the entire time. I did a lot more hiking and a lot less photography this year. Overall I only took a few images that I really liked. The lighting wasn't that great and I just wasn't inspired this time around. We took a motorcycle ride up to Glacier Point but it was raining and gross. On the way back into the park the rain stopped and I was able to take a great image from the park entrance.

On my last day as I was leaving I decided to visit the giant redwoods in the Seqouia Forest. Again the lighting wasn't really that spectacular but I did have a nice hike and took a few interesting images. My favorite from that day was of a giant sequoia cone.

Travel Photography: Yosemite

Travel Photography: Giant Sequoia Cone

Jayden's Birthday [San Luis Obispo Childrens Photography]

Jayden had a pirate themed birthday party with a very cool pirate ship cake and bounce house. I had a lot of fun photographing this group of kids. At one point I had to get out of the bounce house because it got a little too WWE in there for my new camera.

Childrens Photography: The Bounce House

Childrens Photography: WWE Bounce House

Childrens Photography: Parents Watching the Kids Wrestle

Childrens Photography: Juice

Childrens Photography: Playing a Game

Childrens Photography: Mommy and Baby

Childrens Photography: The Birthday Pirate

Childrens Photography: The Pinata

Childrens Photography: Blowing out the Candle

Childrens Photography: Pirate Ship Cake

Childrens Photography: Cake

Childrens Photography: Brothers Eating Cake

Childrens Photography: Cake Face

Childrens Photography: Opening Gifts

Childrens Photography: Nice Mustache

Childrens Photography: Feeding the Bunnies

Sondra & Esker [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

Sondra and Esker were married at the Shore Cliff Lodge. Their reception followed at Pelican Point Restaurant in Shell Beach, CA. Scott from Muir Music was the DJ and Brian Owens Media did the video.

Wedding Photography: Bouquet with Dress on Bed

Wedding Photography: Bouquet with Rings

Wedding Photography: Sister putting on Bride's Makeup

Wedding Photography: Garters

Wedding Photography: Bride Getting Dressed

Wedding Photography: Ceremony Site with Arbor and Chairs

Wedding Photography: Groom

Wedding Photography: Ceremony Side View

Wedding Photography: Bride's Veil bring Blown Up

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Smiling at Each Other

Wedding Photography: Ceremony Rear View

Wedding Photography: First Kiss

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Wedding Party

Wedding Photography: Cake Table

Wedding Photography: Grand Entrance

Wedding Photography: First Dance

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Dancing

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Sunset Portrait

Wedding Photography: Dancing with Motion Blur and Colored Lights

Wedding Photography: Guests Dancing

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom with Groom's College Friends

Wedding Photography: Money Dance

Wedding Photography: Scott Muir of Muir Music leading the Electric Slide