August 21st - Markfest at Avila Beach Resort [Music Photography]

Markfest was a reunion show of Itchy McGuirk celebrating the life of bandmember Mark Kafoury. The proceeds benefited Community Action Partners of San Luis Obispo and Prado Day Center, both organziation provide homeless assistance in San Luis Obispo. Performers included my dear friends Andrew Spearman Blake with a full band including John Turner, JD Project, Joe Koenig and the reunion of Itchy McGuirk. I miss Andrew's set because I was finishing up a wedding shoot but I got to see all of the rest. It was a lot of fun catching up with friends and enjoying the tunes.

Dottie Doolittle [San Francisco Commercial Photography]

My latest client, Dottie Doolittle is a Children's Clothing retail store in the Laurel Heights district of San Francisco on Sacramento Street. They offer high quality classic clothing for children in brands including Frances Johnston, Susan Lively, Baby CZ, Dagmar Daley, Lili Gaufrette, Neige and Lilly Pulitzer to name a few. They also offer a great selection of Flower Girl Dresses (in case that is still on your to do list). My duties will include photographing their clothing as they come in and adding them to their website. Note: not all of the photos on the website are mine, some come from the brands catalog or were up before I started. In addition to photographing the clothing I will be managing the website redesign, email marketing, Facebook, search engine marketing/optimization and blog programs.
Photograph by April Wise of a Dagmar Daley Sweater for the Dottie Doolittle website

Brooks Family Portraits [San Luis Obispo Photography]

The Brooks family came to Pismo Beach from Fresno, CA for a family vacation with the Grand Parents and some extended family and friends. We did a morning portrait session at the North side of Pismo Beach. There are a lot of areas to work with on this side of the beach. Even though I do a lot of portraits there I always seem to find ways to get something different at each session.

Family Portrait: The Whole Family on Rock

Family Portrait: Candid of the family friend goofing off

Family Portrait: On the Stairs

Family Portrait: Cliff in the Background

August 3rd - Ladies Night at the Clubhouse [Music Photography]

My career as a music photographer all started when I started shooting Tuesday nights at the Clubhouse. August 3rd was my last night shooting there before I moved to San Francisco. It was a lot of fun. Casey put on a showcase of only women including favorite CCSW frequenters Natalie Haskins and Erin Teran and a banjo wielding newcomer Erin Inglish. Natalie Haskins finally got to play a night when I was shooting. And she played my favorite of her songs Where I'm Going...I love the story behind this song. She wrote it sitting on the toilet in here studio apartment in Needles because it was the only seat in the house. Erin Inglish is a bluegrass angel. If love banjos and bluegrass you should definitely see her. She's a little under the radar but if you look you will find her playing a few shows around town.

See more photos from this show by April Wise Photography.

Dunlap Family Portraits [San Luis Obispo Photography]

The Dunlap family came from Sonora, CA to Pismo Beach for a family vacation. They asked me to shoot a family portrait session and some a few senior portraits for their daughter to add to the ones she got through her school. These guys were great! Because they stayed on point and did exactly what I asked, we were done in half the time a normal portrait session takes.

Family Portrait: On the rock at Pismo Beach

Family Portrait: Pismo Beach Cave

Family Portrait: Parents on Pismo Beach

Family Portrait: The Kids

Family Portrait: Son alone

Senior Portrait: Pismo Beach

Family Portrait: Candid