Brittany & Micah [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

These high school sweethearts got married at the 1st Presbyterian Church in downtown San Luis Obispo. We did a first look so that we would have plenty of time to wonder around downtown doing portraits. There's really nothing like walking around town with a Bride and Groom. It's the one day when two people can do almost anything they want, including block traffic or park illegally, and everyone seems okay with it. We did some portraits with the Wedding Party around the church then started making our way down Marsh. First Presbyterian has a lot of rules about photography because they've had some unprofessional vendors in the past. So I made a special effort to work with the coordinator at the rehearsal and come up with a plan to get great shots with disturbing the ceremony.

Wedding Photography: The Dress

Wedding Photography: The Bride Getting Dressed

Wedding Photography: Groom Helping Groomsman with Cuff-links

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom's First Look

Wedding Photography: Bride Kissing Grooms Cheek

Wedding Photography: Wedding Party Animals

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom Outside Church

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Crossing the Street

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Kissing Under a Tree

Wedding Photography: Bride and Grooms Shoes with Flowers

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom in Front of Brick Wall

Wedding Photography: Bride Walking Down the Aisle

Wedding Photography: Beginning of Ceremony

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Looking at Wedding Guests

Wedding Photography: Fisheye View of Chapel

Wedding Photography: Ceremony and View of Ceiling

Wedding Photography: First Kiss

Wedding Photography: The Rings

Wedding Photography: Cutting the Super Mario Brothers Cake

Wedding Photography: Decorating the Car

Andrew LaForest Realtor Headshots [San Luis Obispo Photography]

Andrew is a local Realtor and he needed some professional quality headshots for his website and business cards. I met him and his wife at the Pismo Beach home. These headshots are super quick and painless because I just set up a black backdrop and lights, shot, then edit the favorite photos on the spot and give a CD. Instant gratification!

Headshot: Andrew LaForest, Pismo Beach Realtor

Headshot: Andrew LaForest, Pismo Beach Realtor

Headshot: Andrew LaForest, Pismo Beach Realtor

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery [San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obispo Photography]

I recently noticed that a friend of mine has a Facebook friend with the exact same first, middle and last name. I thought "That's funny. I wonder if anyone else has the exact same name as me?"

So I typed April Marie Wise in the search bar and one result came up. Next I noticed she is also from AR and has a photography website. Now I'm interested, so I click over to her website. There were a few portraits and some basic landscapes but it said last updated 2006. Clicking back over to her facebook I decided to check out her photos (I know I update my facebook more than my website.)

To my surprise when I clicked into the 2nd page of the album titled "My Photography" I found 11 photographs copied from my business website. She even went as far as making up fake names for the people in some of the photos. I found this extremely infuriating!

I have reported this to Facebook and the photos should be removed. However, I think this should be publicly noted. I don't want an inexperienced person using my images to get photography jobs.

The imposters website is

April Wise Photography

Lizzy & Matt [Monterey Engagement Photography]

What a great way to spend the first day of the year. I finally got to meet my latest couple Lizzy and Matt this weekend. After several phone conversations and one canceled session due to rain we met up at their Seaside apartment. Our first stop was at a beach near their apartment were they went for their first date. After some fun shots in the dunes we move to the wooded trails near Asilomar for sunset.

Engagement Portrait: With the Dogs

Engagement Portrait: In the Dunes

Engagement Portrait: A Remake of their First Kiss

Engagement Portrait: In the Tree Branches

Engagement Portrait: On a Bench

Engagement Portrait: On a Trail

Engagement Portrait: On the Boardwalk

Engagement Portrait: Sunset

Parker Family Portraits [Redlands Photography]

This year the Parker boys were all in the same country so they gave their mom a Family Portrait session for Christmas. These boys are a silly bunch so I let them goof off in a few shots.

Family Portrait: The Whole Family with Grandma

Family Portrait: The Boys

Family Portrait: The Boys Serious

Family Portrait: The Boy Doing Zoolander Poses

Family Portrait: In a Tree

Family Portrait: The Parents

Family Portrait: Goofing Off

Family Portrait: Adam and Mallory