Amber & Aaron [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

Amber and Aaron were married in Vegas and had a reception for family and friends. Their reception was at the Villa Nel Mondo Winery in Paso Robles. They had a Christmas theme since the reception was only a few day prior to Christmas.

Wedding Photography: Reception Table

Wedding Photography: Table Centerpeice

Wedding Photography: Photo Collage

Wedding Photography: Family Portrait

Wedding Photography: Bride Mingling with Guests

Wedding Photography: Groom with Brothers

Wedding Photography: Bride's Hair

Wedding Photography: Food

Wedding Photography: Food

Wedding Photography: Food

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom Dancing

Wedding Photography: Bride Joking with Guests

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom with Friends

Tre's 1 Year Portraits [San Luis Obispo Family Photography]

Dawn hired me to take a few portrait of Tre for his first birthday. We met at her house and let Tre play in the courtyard. Toddlers can be difficult to pose because they are impatient. We got a few great shots then Tre hit his head and the session ended in tears.

Family Photography: 1 Year Portrait

Family Photography: 1 Year Portrait

Family Photography: 1 Year Portrait

Christmas Road Trip [Travel Photography]

I don't usually celebrate Christmas. Actually I haven't bought anyone a Christmas gift in something like 8 years. It's just not usually my thing but this year I was feeling a little festive. I had a bumping December and really needed to see my family and best friend. So I jumped in the car with my dog Kashmir and drove to Little Rock, AR. The best part is I only told one person I was coming. Instead of telling everyone and creating this big flurry of craziness, I tricked my entire family into telling me their individual plans for Christmas. Then one by one I showed up and surprised everyone for Christmas. It was so much fun and I 'got' almost everyone. I've only had the chance to make this cross-country drive a few times. I love road trips and doing them alone is so great because I can stop whenever I want and spend time taking photos. I only stopped a couple of times on the way out but on the way back I spent an hour of so at a ghost town in New Mexico. Then I waited for sunrise in the Painted Desert. I also went to the Grand Canyon but I have nothing to show here because it was totally snowed out with zero visibility. Actually I almost got stuck several time trying to drive back out of the park. Luckily a very nice Navajo man followed me through the park to make sure I made it out. As it turns out the Fit is not fit for off-roading or snowed in conditions.

I accidentally watermarked these 2007 and didn't want to go back and export them again. They were taken December 2009. Enjoy!

Travel Photography: Along the highway in CA

Travel Photography: Still in CA

Travel Photography: Sunrise in New Mexico

Travel Photography: I took a little nap on the side of
the road in NM and this bird tortured me with its
squawking until I finally gave up and drove away.

Travel Photography: Kashmir and I stopped for a much needed hike in Tucumcari, NM
The wind was so harsh I had to buy that hat to wear inside my car because it was blowing
through the door jam.

Travel Photography: Giant cross in Groom, TX.

Travel Photography: Ghost Town Church in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Outhouse in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: There were so many abandoned houses
in the Ghost Town of Cuervo, NM. You know me, of course
I'm going to go inside.

Travel Photography: Cuervo, NM Ghost Town

Travel Photography: Old Truck in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Broken Window in Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Cuervo, NM

Travel Photography: Sunrise in AZ Painted Desert

Travel Photography: Where I laid for at least 30 minutes
waiting for the sunrise.

Travel Photography: Navajo bead shops on the way to the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: Small Canyon on the way to the Grand Canyon

Travel Photography: On the AZ/CA border

Travel Photography: Rock formations in AZ just outside CA