Jennifer & Eric [San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography]

Jennifer and Eric had a fun pink and black themed wedding with the whole wedding party wearing converses. Their vendors included Bunches of Flowers, DJ Bob Stock and Sea Shanty Catering. We started the day at the Avila La Fonda Hotel for getting ready. Then the portraits and ceremony were at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Arroyo Grande. The reception was at the Officer's Club at Camp San Luis.

Wedding Photography: Bride Getting Dressed

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride

Wedding Photography: Bride with Bridesmaids showing off Shoes

Wedding Photography: Groom and Groomsmen in Tree

Wedding Photography: Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom sitting during Ceremony

Wedding Photography: Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom during Vows

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom giving Flowers to Mary

Wedding Photography: Wedding Party outside Church

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom sitting in Gazebo

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Bride and Groom on Grass

Wedding Photography: Portrait of Everyone at the Wedding.
Thanks Bob Stock for helping organize!

Wedding Photography: Cake Cutting

Wedding Photography: Boys Smoking Cigars

Wedding Photography: Dance Floor Lighting by Bob Stock

Wedding Photography: Cute Wedding Favors

Wedding Photography: Bride in Cowboy Hat with Friends

Sarah's Senior Portraits [San Luis Obispo Photography]

Yep I also do Senior Portraits. I tend to get the kids who are looking for something a little different in there senior portraits. These clients want a personal approach and creative style. Sarah hired me to shoot her senior portraits downtown. When she mentioned show chickens I was sold. Here are a few images from the day.

Senior Portrait: Senior with Show Chicken
Senior Portrait: In Bubble Gum Alley

Senior Portrait: In the Grass with Show Chickens

Senior Portrait: Sitting on Bench with Chicken

Also Brian Owens came out when he heard about this session and made a funny video.

Chicken Portraits from Brian Owens on Vimeo.

Sycamore Mineral Spa in Avila Beach [Travel Photography]

After I left the Elfin Forest in Los Osos I was still in the mood to shoot. I decided to swing by the Sycamore Mineral Spa and check out the Zen Garden across the street. I've done portraits there before but never had the time to really explore the area from an art perspective. I spent about an hour there working.

Travel Photography: Blue Flower

Travel Photography: Zen Labyrinth

Travel Photography: Cherry Orchard

Travel Photography: Reflection of tree in the creek

Travel Photography: Lavender Flower

Travel Photography: Rock stack fountain

Travel Photography: Palm Frooms

Travel Photography: Dried grass

Travel Photography: Burrs

Travel Photography: Dried grass seeds

Travel Photography: Burrs

Travel Photography: Whispy Grass

Travel Photography: Cherry Blossoms

Travel Photography: Cherry tree branch in bloom

Travel Photography: Twine on a fence

Travel Photography: Green seeds

Travel Photography: Rocks

Travel Photography: Happy Rock

Travel Photography: Poppy

Elfin Forest [San Luis Obispo Art Photography]

The Elfin Forest is located in Los Osos, CA adjacent to the Morro Bay estuary. It is nature preserve named primarly for it pygmy oak trees. I went out there early on morning to shoot a few images for submission to their 2010 calendar.

Travel Photography: Elfin Forest Boardwalk shot with a fisheye lens

Travel Photography: The Morro Rock and estuary (Calendar Pick)

Travel Photography: Macro shot of a leaf in the Elfin Forest

Travel Photography: Fisheye of a red flower

Travel Photography: Sunrise in the Elfin Forest