Urban Cowboy [Glendale, CA Photography]

I just started a full time position at Bank of America Home Loans. They sent me to a training in Glendale, CA. On Wednesday night I was out with some friends who drove up from Redlands and this is what we saw. I didn't actually take this picture but I definitely pointed it out to my friend. It made me laugh so I thought I should share it on my blog.

Photography by Richard Parker

Victoria & Tim Engagement Part 1 [San Luis Obispo Photography]

Victoria and Tim are getting married in May at the Arroyo Grande home. We met in downtown San Luis Obispo for an engagement session. It has been so windy that we decided to only do half of the session this time then meet again in a few weeks to go to the beach for a 2nd session.

Engagement Photography: The couple under a tree

Engagement Photography: At San Luis Obispo creek

Engagement Photography: Doorway of the San Luis Obispo Mission

Engagement Photography: Frog and Peach

Engagement Photography: Fanny Wrappers