Concerts in the Plaza with Viper Six [San Luis Obispo Music Photography]

It was my full intent to shoot all of the Concerts in the San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza this year but after looking at the schedule I have realized that conflicts and an overload of editing will not allow me to ;) I did end up shooting one this week, Viper Six. They are a swing band. The front woman decks out in flapper duds including a feather head dress. It's pretty sweet!

Ted Waterhouse, the guitarist and (from what I gathered) band leader had a really great crowd complete with swing dancer as well as a general listening audience packing the seats.

While walking around getting different angles a couple stopped and said they recognized me from the Damon Castillo show. When I showed them my business card they said they knew my the watermark is working. Oh how I love brand recognition!

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